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By 2026 - The Market of Temperat...

The Market of Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Packaging Will Rise to 9.3 By 2026.

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ACMEE 2016 - 12th International ...

16-20th June, 2016, ACMEE 2016, A leading Trade show to bring the world of Machine and Tools indu...

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Company Introduction

Get Dry Ice Production Machine at Affordable Price Here!

Are You Looking for Dry Ice Production equipments? FMS Korea, is the Right place where you can buy high performance Dry Ice Production Machine to fulfill your utmost needs. Our ice production machine provides certain features like robust potency, rust resistance, and with tremendous pressure bearing capacity. Our Dry Ice production equipment are manufactured with high tensile potency, outstanding performance, seamless finishing, and capable of high tolerance.

FMS Korea Co. Ltd. is high professional Dry Ice Production Machine manufacturer from Korea. We are the Korea's No. 1 Smart Cool Chain Solution Company and serving our best to provide thermal management solutions to our customers according to their desires. The solutions we offer are available for our clients in diverse sectors including fresh and hygienic food, bio-medicines, logistics, and to different retail distribution.

How Dry Ice Production Machine Works?

Our Dry Ice making machines use an excellent method for making the ice as per desired needs and quantity. Dry ice production machine provides easy and reliable services by starting a process using a high pressure container which is occupied by liquid carbon-dioxide. The particular kind of liquid carbon dioxide is released from the tank for creating the required type of dry ice. The increasing of the liquid form carbon dioxide and the rapid evaporation of carbon-dioxide gas cools the residue of the liquid behind the freezing point. Thus, the process directly turns the pattern into a solid form known as dry ice to create in the required quantity.

Our company has been producing and supplying the wide range of machines and equipment that are serving in various fields successfully. We have a great stock of various products such as dry ice production machine, cooling boxes, refrigerants, temperature controlled storage box, and phase change material (PCM), insulated container, and cold chain machines. Our entire products including machines and equipment are delivering impressive services in different fields with their relevant product lineup. All such machines are designed by using latest advanced technology to fulfill today’s needs.

Features of Dry Ice Production Equipments:

FMS Korea is serving its high capability in manufacturing high productivity dry ice making machine. Our machines are extremely designed to provide the best performance for making dry ice. Here are some of the features that make these machines produce useful ice to fulfill dry ice usage in relevant spaces:

  • Fixed and portable dry ice machines are designed in different models.
  • Fastest means of machine used for making dry ice for several purposes.
  • Dry ice is considerable cost saving as compared to the ordinary ice.
  • Dry ice production equipment is simple to use and without using electricity.
  • This equipment is lightweight, safe and easily moved to required place for producing dry ice.
  • The machine works by using a compressed liquid cylinder of CO2 connected with a hose, internal siphon and valve.

Devoted Employees:

FMS Korea has been served by our motivational and dedicated employees, and they are performing their successful duties in their relevant fields. Our entire staff is devoted to fulfilling perfect responsibilities to provide satisfaction to our customers. They are sincere with their work and providing full self-services in the production of our company. They are high professional in their fields are providing the high level of services for manufacturing different dry ice making machines and equipment productively.

Standard Quality Control:

FMS Korea Co. has been strictly following the world standards of production and fulfilling relevant quality check over our produced Dry Ice Production Machines and equipment. We are truly following the standards of control system after our machines and equipment products are being manufactured. Our dry ice production equipments are closely monitored and examined to fulfill quality control at the last stage. Our entire manufactured products do pass severe quality control procedure and thus after complete check and balance; our products are sent to the inland and international markets for sale. Finally, our complete stock is sealed with okay to departure mark for delivering them to the markets as per demands received from our customers.